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In a nation that is increasingly secular, religion still plays a vital role in the way we run our country. In this series, ‘The Conversation’ examines the role of religion in Australian politics and education.

Religious classes in schools must adapt to fit a changing Australia (The Conversation)
As Australia’s religious demographics continue to change in the coming years and decades, the place of religion in state school education will continue to be controversial.
Rather than responding with kneejerk reactions to controversial incidents, state education departments, SRE/SRI providers and chaplaincy providers must evolve their programs to keep up with the needs of all state school children – both the religious and non-religious (Aug 21)

Religion in Australian schools: an historical and contemporary debate (The Conversation)
Religion in schools is an ongoing contentious issue. This is strongly indicated by the ongoing debates and controversies surrounding government funding for religious schools (Aug 24)

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