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Sydney schoolkids are benefiting from the pain others endured as child victims of the Holocaust. Many of their stories are being told in the documentary Last Witnesses, on Compass on ABC TV, by filmmaker Judy Menczel, herself the daughter of an Auschwitz survivor.

Last Witnesses (ABC)
Child Survivors of the holocaust community in Sydney and Melbourne retain a child’s perspective of memories from a culture and society extinguished during the Holocaust. As children during the war they were told they should not and could not remember. In many cases, it was more comfortable to remain silent and hidden. Now they are speaking out and using their traumatic experience to help others (Sep 2)

Photo: Holocaust survivor Peter Halas shows (L-R) Zoe Menczel Shrire, Lily Shrire and Alex Tofler a photo album of his family that were affected by the holocaust (Dominic Lorrimer).

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