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As the PA leader tries to juggle political balls, more illegal homes are built in a West Bank settlement and Israeli garbage collectors boycott a refugee camp within the city limits

Abbas issues new demands of Israel, but is quietly still arresting terror suspects (Times of Israel)
AVI ISSACHAROFF While formally maintaining freeze in security cooperation, PA nabs relatives of assailant shot dead trying to stab soldiers (Aug 8)

Illegal homes going up in settlement across street from Liberman aide (Times of Israel)

A dozen homes are being built illegally next to the home of Defence Minister Liberman’s adviser on settlement affairs in the West Bank settlement of Eli. The aide insists he has no connection to the ongoing work (Aug 8)

Shuafat refugee camp: Between a rock and a hard place (Ynet)
Many Israeli service providers, including garbage collectors refuse to enter the Shuafat refugee camp, within the borders of Jerusalem, because they claim it is unsafe (Aug 7)

And see:
I fought for Israel’s independence. I admit: I too am a ‘Palestinian terrorist’ (Haaretz)
YEHUDA KEDAR Israeli prime ministers and Haganah and underground fighters were ‘terrorists’ too (Aug 8)


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