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By perpetuating the occupation and the settlement enterprise, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is impairing the dreams of a Zionist state in Israel

Netanyahu, a gift to Israel’s enemies (Al-Monitor)
To witness the demise of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, Iran does not need military bases in Syria, nor does it require nuclear arms. It need only arm itself with patience. Time and Israel’s leadership will take care of the rest (Aug 31)

Netanyahu knows where he’s heading (Haaretz)
The Prime Minister realizes that events on Israel’s borders are about the change the political landscape forever (Sep 1)

The fake news of Trump and Netanyahu’s war on the media (Haaretz)
Trump, Nixon and Netanyahu share a common thread that may explain their hostility to elites in general and the media in particular (Sep 1)

Photo: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a press conference with UN Secretary-General António Guterres, August 28, 2017 (THOMAS COEX/AFP).

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