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IT’S ALL WELL AND GOOD to say that you believe in two states and to vote accordingly for centre-Left Zionist parties, but in doing so you have to accept that at some point in the last 120 years of Zionist history, there was a junction where the endeavour veered off-course.

If you can’t say where that was and who made the wrong call, then what business do you have accusing Netanyahu of distorting Zionism when he insists that every Jew living in the West Bank today is there by right and will never be forced to move in the future?

But there isn’t a clear answer.

FULL STORY At some point, there was a junction where the endeavour veered off-course (Haaretz)

Netanyahu apologises after cabinet ministers are a no-show at Yom Kippur War Memorial (Haaretz)

Photo: Kibbutz Na’an in central Israel, 1938 (Zoltan Kluger/Israel GPO)

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