50 years since Nobel Prize for S. Y. Agnon, Israel’s founding novelist


Israel’s founding novelist – Adam Kirsch – The New Yorker 21.11.16
S. Y. Agnon’s exquisite ironic fiction examined traditional Jewish life through a twentieth-century lens.

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Hebrew’s Nobel Prize
– Jeffrey Saks – Tablet Magazine 09.12.16
On the 50th anniversary of S.Y. Agnon’s acceptance speech

Faith and doubt: S.Y. Agnon’s Nobel Prize, 50 years later
– Rabbi Daniel Bouskila – Jewish Journal 07.12.16
On 10 December 1966, Shabbat in Stockholm ended at 3:55 pm. This gave Israeli writer S.Y. Agnon, his wife Esther, and their daughter Emunah, exactly 35 minutes to travel from the Grand Hotel to the Stockholm Concert Hall, where Agnon would receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.


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