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A Jubilee Haggadah marking the 50th year since the 1967 War – Rabbi John Rosove – Jewish Journal 26.03.17
This new Haggadah published by SISO (Save Israel – Stop the Occupation) marks the 50th year since the 1967 War and conjoins the celebration of Passover, the festival of liberty, with the biblical Jubilee commandment. The Mishnah teaches that whoever saves one person’s life has sustained an entire world; it follows that whoever saves a nation and a culture has sustained a great many worlds. Our world was sustained with the justified establishment of the State of Israel, yet this very event compels us to pursue justice for our neighbours as well. The Palestinian people yearn for their own escape from bondage. In the fiftieth year of Israel’s rule over them we must raise our voices and cry out for freedom. In this fiftieth year, we must break free and set free, redeem ourselves and our neighbours from the house of bondage, as is written: ‘Sanctify the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land for all its inhabitants’. (Leviticus 25.10).

The Jubilee Haggadah can be ordered from Amazon (with expedited global delivery in time for Pesach if you act very quickly). Or you can download it free here (fill in your name and other required fields and press SUBMIT – if printing double-sided select Layout/Short-Edge Binding).

A Haggadah without women? – Deborah Klapper – The Times of Israel 23.03.17

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