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At the beginning of November, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travelled all the way to London to mark 100 years of the November 2, 1917, Balfour Declaration, which was
a significant road mark in the history of the Zionist enterprise.

However, the organisation that translated the British document from a general declaration of intentions to practical political language three decades later was the United Nations.

Nov. 29 (marked by Israelis by a combination of the Hebrew and Gregorian date) was commemorated by the naming of streets in big Israeli cities. The house in which Netanyahu was raised, on Haportzim Street in Jerusalem, is only a few steps away from 29th of November Street.

But in recent years, the status of the term “29th of November” has slowly declined. The 70th anniversary of the official decision to establish a state for the Jewish people hasn’t received a fraction of the honor and attention the Israeli establishment gave to the Balfour Declaration.

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