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Refugee crisis: ‘Love the stranger because you were once strangers’ calls us now  – Jonathan Sacks – The Guardian 06.09.15
“I used to think that the most important line in the Bible was ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. Then I realised that it is easy to love your neighbour because he or she is usually quite like yourself. What is hard is to love the stranger, one whose colour, culture or creed is different from yours. That is why the command, ‘Love the stranger because you were once strangers’, resonates so often throughout the Bible. It is summoning us now.”   A summons also to Australia and our own Jewish community.
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Four simple things Israel can do to help refugees – +972 Magazine 08.09.15

There’s no reason contributing solutions needs to be scary. Here are four viable steps Israel can take that will actually help the various refugee populations in its midst.

What Israel should do if It really wants to help refugees– Anshel Pfeffer – Haaretz 07.09.15
Forget the laughable PR stunts about housing Syrian refugees. Concentrate on providing real assistance – and remember the refugees already in our midst.

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