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Netanyahu: I still support pardon for Azariya – Nitzan Keidar – Arutz Sheva 23.02.17
Speaking on official Australia trip, Netanyahu talks about Azaria case for first time since sentence announced.

UN Human Rights Office: sentence handed to Hebron shooter Is ‘unacceptable’ – Haaretz/Reuters 24.02.17
‘This case risks undermining confidence in the justice system and reinforcing the culture of impunity,’ spokeswoman says.

This year’s Purim costume: IDF soldier convicted of manslaughter – Daniel Gilenson – JerusalemOnline 27.02.17
This year for Purim, many parents are dressing their children up as Elor Azaria, the IDF soldier convicted of manslaughter, as many people view him as a hero.

Azariya to appeal sentence – Reut Hadar – Arutz Sheva 28.02.17

And see: A prison sentence that tells the true story of the occupation February 22, 2017

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