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Don’t just pay lip service to the two state solution. Make it happen – Haaretz 23.06.16
These are challenging times for proponents of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Susie Gelman, chair of the US Israel Policy Forum, says there are nonetheless opportunities and reasons for optimism and refers to expert work that is being done to help advance the two-state agenda.
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Detailed think tank proposals being pushed in Washington May 28, 2016

Did Israeli opposition head strike secret deal with Palestinians?
– Shlomi Eldar – Al-Monitor 23.06.16

J Street lauds Democrats for putting Palestinian rights in platform
– The Times of Israel 26.09.16
‘By including parallel acknowledgement of Israeli and Palestinian rights, the party underscores its belief that the only viable resolution to the conflict–a two-state solution–requires recognizing the fates of the two-peoples are intertwined.’ Language calling for ‘end to occupation and settlements’ was rejected.

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