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The Trump-Netanyahu meeting: the Messiah of the right turns into the Messiah of the left – Shmuel Rosner – Jewish Journal/Rosner’s Domain 13.02.17
Don’t expect the two leaders to come out from the meeting with a major announcement. Unless Donald Trump is deliberately trying to fool us all only to surprise us on Wednesday, he will have nothing to announce.

With Trump, on Israel (and lots of other stuff), you just don’t know – David Horovitz – The Times of Israel 14.02.17

The Netanyahu-Trump meeting – BICOM Briefing February 2017 [pdf – 3 pages]

And see:

Buoyed by Trump-Netanyahu summit, ministers openly scratch annexation itch – Marissa Newman – The Times of Israel 13.02.17
Undampened by warning signals from the White House and disputes over details, excitement for declaring the West Bank part of Israel reaches fever pitch at the B’Sheva Jerusalem Conference. Eight ministers, and Israel’s president, were freely talking about the idea, no longer implausible in their eyes.

Israel’s president Reuven Rivlin backs one-state solution – with equal rights for Palestinians – Naomi Zeveloff – The Forward 13.02.17

Erdan: No minister, including Netanyahu, wants a Palestinian state soon – The Times of Israel 13.02.17

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