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Although they may be wary of a new relationship between the Saudis and Israel, it could present more benefits to the Palestinians than dangers

How a Saudi-Israeli alliance could benefit the Palestinians (The Atlantic)
The flirtation between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which has been gaining momentum both publicly and privately in recent years, seems to be picking up even more steam now, especially on the Israeli side.

Most attention on this issue has focused on Iran, because countering Tehran’s growing regional power—particularly as the war in Syria winds down, and with Iran and its allies gaining control of key strategic areas along the Syrian-Iraqi border—is uppermost in the minds of Saudis and Israelis alike.

Both also feel keenly menaced by Iran’s most effective Arab proxy, Hezbollah, which has emerged from the Syrian war much more powerful than before, and has engaged in conflicts around the region. But, especially if something more significant develops from these overtures, what might all this mean for the Palestinians?

How Saudi regional moves impact Israel (Al-Monitor)
The Saudi desire to change its role from a behind-the-scenes player to a forefront leader pushes it to engage in the US-led Mideast peace initiative

Photo: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud walks with Mahmoud Abbas in Riyadh on November 7 (Reuters)

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