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AIPAC’s choice: be apolitical or be honest about political affiliation – Liat Schlesinger – Haaretz 27.03.17
These days, many on the Israeli centre-left view AIPAC as nothing more than the US branch of Likud. Here’s what the pro-Israel lobby needs to do to correct that.

WATCH: Clashes break out between protesters on first day of AIPAC conference – YouTube 26.03.17 [3:15]

Notes from AIPAC: the lobby’s greatest battle of all time — Shmuel Rosner – Jewish Journal 27.03.17

In topsy-turvy Trump era, AIPAC is twisting in the wind – Chemi Shalev – Haaretz 26.03.17
The lobby’s attitude toward a two-state solution recounts the slogan of an old Israeli bra commercial – walk with, but feel without.

At AIPAC, hardly a mention of a future Palestinian state – Maya Shwayder – DW (Deutsche Welle) 27.03.17

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