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What’s in store for Syria after Aleppo falls? Russia and Iran will decide – Scott Lucas –
The Conversation 15.12.16
Let us be clear. The imminent victory in Syria’s largest city of Bashar al-Assad’s government – and of its essential supporters, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah – is built on war crimes.

Aleppo massacre: Assad is only getting started
– Zvi Bar’el – Haaretz 14.12.16
The tragic results now being seen in Aleppo are the product of a policy that seems rational and of international priorities whose validity is hard to challenge.

Facing atrocities in neighboring Syria, where is Israel’s Raoul Wallenberg?
– Aluf Benn – Haaretz 15.12.16
The memory of the Holocaust and the silent world didn’t prick the consciences of Israelis when mass killings were reported in faraway lands. Syria is different.

Israel’s moral obligation to help save Aleppo’s civilians
– Jerusalem Post Editorial 14.12.16
The fate of civilians and aid workers in Aleppo is a moral issue, regardless of which side you are on. And Israel – as a moral voice in the region – must take a stand on the matter. As a people who suffered the Holocaust, we should see it as our moral imperative to protect the lives of Syrian civilians, including the thousands of innocent children.

Some ways to help from Australia:

Syrian Refugee Appeal – Donate to Australia for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency‎

Syria Crisis Appeal – Donate to Syria | Australian Red Cross

Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal – UNICEF Australia

Donate to the Syria Crisis – World Vision Australia

‘Airbnb for refugees’ set to launch in Australia next year – Ben Winsor – SBS 09.12.16
‘I can sign petitions, have my voice heard at rallies, write letters to the Government – but nothing changes… suddenly I can do something tangible.’

And see: Anne Frank today is a Syrian girl August 27, 2016

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