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Top Holocaust educator slams Israeli way of remembrance – Karni Am-Ad – Haaretz 26.04.16
Ahead of Yom HaZikaron LaShoah veLaHagvurah (The Holocaust and the Heroism Remembrance Day, eve 4-eve 5 May in 2016), the director of Israel’s Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum says official mass ceremonies, high school trips to Poland, March of the Living emphasise wrong messages. ‘Memory should be transmitted in different, more significant ways.’
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‘No comparison between Holocaust and Nakba,’ says Israeli Arab MK – Ruti Zuaretz – Ma’ariv/ The Jerusalem Post 27.04.16

Israel needs to recognise the Armenian Genocide – and the Nakba
– Louis Fishman – Haaretz 25.04.16
‘Turkey needs to realize that Israel’s debate is only remotely related to ties with Ankara, but rather holds a special place in the broader debate about the Holocaust and Jewish victimhood. Even though they are different, it can be argued that Israel has adopted Turkey’s stance of denial as a model toward the Palestinian Nakba. In both countries, legislation and courts have also been used to block the memory.’

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