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Liberal defenders of free speech curiously silent over banning of Bassem Tamimi – Jeff Sparrow – The Guardian 10.04.17
Where were the advocates for changes to 18C, who so fiercely defended free speech, when a Palestinian activist had his visa cancelled?

Australia is in danger – Amira Hass – Haaretz 12.04.17
The state Down Under recently revoked the visa of a noted Palestinian activist – the long arm of Israel is most apparent.

We spoke to the Palestinian activist who was barred from Australia – Gina Rushton – BuzzFeed 10.04.17
‘It is so ironic during this time, when freedom of speech is such an issue for the government.’

Australian liberals must oppose the banning of Bassem Tamimi – Patrick Hannaford – Spiked 10.04.17
It’s been less than a month since the Turnbull government took a stand for free speech by attempting to reform section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. But the government and its supporters have already sacrificed their pro-free speech credibility by denying a visa to a Palestinian activist.

And see: What’s behind Australia’s cancellation of Palestinian activist’s visa?

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