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Stop shipments of live animals to Israel for slaughter, protesters urge court – Sue Surkes – The Times of Israel 31.01.17
Live imports are from Australia and Europe. Rights organisations take government, meat industry to task over dire conditions.

Court orders reduced suffering in animal shipments
– Sue Surkes – The Times of Israel 03.02.17
In interim opinion, while ruling out total live transport ban, justices give government until April 30 to report on steps to improve animal welfare.

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Israeli abattoir abuse questions Australia’s live export system – Conor Duffy – 7.30 Report/ABC 12.12.16
Video of Australian cattle being abused at an Israeli abattoir has prompted questions of our live export system given the abattoir was given the all clear in an audit for an Australian exporter two months before the video was taken. Includes disturbing video [10:00].

Australia and Israel unite in landmark live export campaign
– Animals Australia 30.11.16
They’ve been punched, kicked and smothered on ships. They are the victims of the live export trade to Israel — and now they have an unprecedented voice in a groundbreaking new campaign. Includes videos [1:36], [1:42].

Stop live animal shipments, Knesset panel recommends
– Michelle Malka Grossman – The Jerusalem Post 18.01.16
When Lyn White of Animals Australia presented to the Knesset Animal Welfare Subcommittee, all MKs present agreed that the live trade to Israel should end.

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