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I’m calling out the loons who make Israel bashing the mother of all virtues – Maajid Nawaz – Jewish News/The Times of Israel 08.03.17
The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is mostly spearheaded in the West by people who have little to nothing attaching them to the Middle-East conflict.

The fight for justice begins at home – Jakub Zahora – +972 Magazine 06.03.17
Without buying into the narrative that equates criticism of the State of Israel with antisemitism, I became critical of what I perceived as the Western Left’s excessive focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when compared to other instances of mass suffering and oppression around the world.

And see:

Israel viewed as ‘pariah state’? August 9, 2016

Building a boycott, letter by letter – Anna Isaacs – Moment Magazine 2016 May-June
Well on their way to ubiquity, the controversial initials are still, in many ways, shrouded in confusion.

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