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Polygamy is illegal in Israel. So why is it allowed to flourish among Negev Bedouin? – Melanie Lidman – The Times of Israel 16.02.16
Polygamous relationships have been illegal in Israel since 1977 and polygamy has since been actively opposed among Jews from north Africa and Yemen. However, authorities largely turn a blind eye to it in the Bedouin sector, even though polygamy often leads to domestic violence, sexual assault, and inescapable poverty. Don’t condone the practice as ‘Bedouin culture,’ an activist insists; it’s a prop of the patriarchy that damages all involved.
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An ambitious IDF Initiative will tackle Bedouin unemployment – Jspace – 17.02.16
The IDF is cooperating with Israeli companies to help find jobs for discharged Bedouin soldiers.

IN PHOTOS: for Bedouin kids in southern Israel, grass isn’t greener on other side of fence – Haaretz 17.02.16
Bedouin children of the Tarabin tribe play in an unrecognised village next to a landfill in Israel’s south.

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