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Russia, Israel and Iran braced for the endgame in Syria – Geoffrey Aronson – Aljazeera 17.03.17
Russia may soon find it impossible to pursue a policy in Syria that accommodates Israel as well as its enemies.

Israel, Assad regime engage in most serious military incident since outbreak of Syrian Civil War – Amos Harel, Gili Cohen & Jack Khoury – Haaretz 17.03.17
Syria deploys air defence system, fires missiles at Israel Air Force jets; Israeli missile defence system intercepts missile north of Jerusalem.

After Israeli attack in Syria: Russia summons Israel’s envoy for clarifications – Barak Ravid – Haaretz 17.03.17
Netanyahu says Israel will continue to prevent advanced arms from reaching Hezbollah from Syria; clarification comes week after Putin-Netanyahu meeting. Includes link to analysis by Anshel Pfeffer.

After Syria airstrike, Hezbollah says Israel fears Islamic State defeat – The Times of Israel 18.03.17
Zionist Union lawmakers say Russia’s policy concerning Israeli intervention in civil war has shifted, is aligned with Iran. The skies over Syria are now crowded, with Russian and Syrian aircraft backing Assad’s forces and a US-led coalition striking Islamic State and al-Qaeda targets.

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