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On Palestinians, a wide gulf between the army and the Cabinet – Amos Harel – Haaretz 26.11.15
Before the current wave of violence began, the IDF called to significantly ease restrictions on the West Bank, but the government sees things differently.
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Israeli Ministers hold marathon meetings on possibility of PA’s collapse – Haaretz 27.11.15
Netanyahu convenes security cabinet meetings after Kerry’s visit, with information that Abbas is planning new efforts in international arena. Senior IDF and Shin Bet officers are very worried by the possibility of the PA collapsing, and warned the ministers of the consequences for both security and civilian affairs. But several ministers argue that the PA’s collapse could serve Israel’s interest.

Time to talk to the Palestinians – Avi Issacharoff – Haaretz 24.11.15
Continuing to hold onto the West Bank while doing zero to settle the conflict will keep costing Israeli lives

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