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Trump is no realist – Paul R. Pillar – LobeLog 28.05.17
Trump said in his speech in Riyadh that his administration is adopting ‘Principled Realism’. It’s not clear yet whether his foreign policy has enough coherence to merit the label of any ‘ism’, with or without capital letters. But it certainly isn’t realism.

What are the chances? Donald Trump and the ‘ultimate deal’ – Jeremy Ben-Ami – Jewish Business News 28.05.17
It should be our hope — not our fear — that we actually face the decision of whether to support an ‘ultimate deal’ reached on the watch of a president so many of us deeply oppose.

And see: ‘Arab states see Trump presidency as chance for Israeli-Palestinian peace’ – Lahav Harkov – The Jerusalem Post 28.05.17
A Progressive Alliance conference began shortly after Trump’s visit to Israel and MK Hilik Bar, one of the deputy speakers of the Knesset, said representatives of Muslim countries were eager to speak to him about it.

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Includes link to full text of Trump’s speech in Riyadh.

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