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His successors may be more hawkish than the current leader, who may go out with a bang rather than a whimper, including a warning that he may try to dismantle the PA

Israel is going to miss Mahmoud Abbas  (Ynet)
RONNI SHAKED Instead of preparing for life after Abbas, Israeli political leaders are toying with the illusion that his successor will stop terror, accept the settlements and settle for a tiny autonomic Palestinian entity. But his potential heirs are more hawkish than him (Aug 4)

Abbas vows to keep up financial pressure on Hamas (Times of Israel)
Palestinian leader blasts Gaza’s rulers for lighting up tunnels despite power shortage, accuses US of trying to block reconciliation (Aug 6)

Palestinians warn Abbas could dismantle PA in 2018 (Al-Monitor)
URI SAVIR Palestinians warn that President Mahmoud Abbas might decide at the beginning of 2018 to dismantle the Palestinian Authority and cancel the Oslo Accord (Aug 6)

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