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Netanyahu decides to postpone a vote on the divisive bill over concerns about international reaction to the proposal

Controversial bill on absorbing settlements into Jerusalem delayed (Times of Israel)
Move needs ‘diplomatic preparation,’ official says, indicating Netanyahu wants to discuss the gambit with US administration

‘Creeping annexation’ is a distraction from the one-state reality (+972)
There is not a single Israeli politician today calling for the wholesale annexation of the West Bank. The number of politicians working to advance piecemeal annexation, however, is growing by the day

Israeli minister to push plan aimed at reducing number of Arabs in Jerusalem (Haaretz)
Jerusalem Affairs Minister Elkin wants to divide Jerusalem and create an Israeli municipality for Palestinians in several neighbourhoods situated beyond the separation barrier in the city

Is Netanyahu’s party planning to divide Jerusalem? (Al-Monitor, October 2)
Israel finishes advancing 2,600 West Bank homes (Times of Israel, October 18)
Report: Israel to approve almost 4,000 new West Bank homes (Times of Israel, October 8)

Photo: A view of construction in the West Bank settlement of Efrat in January (Gershon Elinson/Flash90)

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