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Will Supreme Court’s bite out of rabbinate monopoly be upheld? – Amanda Borschel-Dan -– The Times of Israel 01.04.16
In a landmark judgment, Supreme Court emphasises the diversity of the Jewish people and its unity in both Israel and the Diaspora, ruling that conversions outside auspices of Israel’s chief rabbinate are acceptable for Law of Return and immigration status. But will this decision too be circumvented by coalition’s ultra-Orthodox MKs in clash between Israel’s judicial and legislative branches over Israel’s essential character?
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ADL head: ultra-Orthodox using hate speech against Reform Jews – Jonathan A. Greenblatt – Haaretz 28.03.16
Israel’s own policies, ceding control of Jewish life in Israel to the ultra-Orthodox, legitimatise the now-commonplace defamation of Reform Jews by Haredi leaders.

Reform Judaism should separate itself from bigotted forms of ultra-Orthodoxy
– Carlo Strenger – Haaretz 29.03.16
Why should non-Orthodox Jews care about the pronunciations of leaders of a religion that declares gays to be an inferior species and excludes women from the public sphere?

Jewish Agency takes on Chief Rabbinate
July 7, 2015

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