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For American-Israeli teacher, death came on the No. 78 bus – Jodi Rudoren – The New York Times 28.10.15

Read report re Richard Laykin’s funeral here

And the following is a 29.10.15 bulletin from Americans for Peace Now about a flood of hate-filled posts by right-wing Israelis celebrating Richard Laykin’s death (includes links to related stories or matter, some in Hebrew):

"Shadows of hatred"

Less than a day after Richard Lakin passed away Tuesday from the wounds he suffered in an attack by two Palestinians two weeks ago, thousands of right-wingers on the Internet celebrated his death. The flood of hate posts began after the right-wing Israeli rapper, ‘The Shadow,’ wrote on Facebook that the murder of Lakin, an activist with the ‘Tag Meir’ group, which visits Palestinians who were attacked by Jews, should be a wake-up call to left-wingers. “He needs to be buried in Gaza and people should shit on his gravestone,” posted one on Facebook over a picture of Lakin’s face. “Another dead terrorist,” wrote another. “So it turns out Arabs do good things sometimes.” “For me he is another terrorist.” “Since I really love the left-wing, I want to wish them the same thing,” other wrote. 

The day before his death, Lakins’s son Micha served as the lead plaintiff in filing a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, accusing the social media network of allowing incitement to kill Jews. Micha blamed Palestinian incitement on social media for his father's death. The day after his father’s death, Micha slammed how right-wing Israelis use it to incite against peace activists. He told journalist Ilana Dayan on Army Radio: “What happened to us in the last decade? Several new continents have been created called Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and these continents, still have no rules. The evil and incitement there come from all directions. However, I feel it personally from the attacks against us.” Micha said the incitement in Israel is accelerating at a dizzying pace into a third intifada.


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