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Donald Netanyahu: many Democrats see the two leaders as one – Peter Beinart – The Forward 15.03.17
Often important dynamics occur offstage, as parties out of power remake themselves in exile. That’s likely happening to the Democrats. Quietly, in the shadow of Trump, the party will move left…  This past January, for the first time since the Pew Research Center began asking the question in 2000, Democrats were as likely to identify with the Palestinians as with Israel.

A deafening silence from the Jewish Federation – David A. Lehrer, Steven Windmueller, Rabbi Laura Geller & Michael Hirschfeld – Jewish Journal 17.03.17
The absence of a unified Jewish community leadership protesting president Trump’s incendiary comments on myriad topics, including his targeting of minority groups and immigrants, is shocking…  Leadership demands that one take a stand on vital issues that may not be perceived as essential to one’s mission—protesting on core issues is easy; that’s self-preservation, not leadership.

And see: Bernie Sanders electrifies J Street with emotional message on Israel – and Trump March 4, 2017

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