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Pink Floyd star Roger Waters and Brian Eno refute claim by Cave that they tried to intimidate him not to perform in Israel

Roger Waters, Brian Eno hit back at Nick Cave’s ‘bullying’ claims over Israel tour (SMH)
Rogers Waters and Brian Eno have hit back at Australian musician Nick Cave after he accused the rock icons of trying to “bully” and “censor” him, and other musicians, over his current Israel tour.

Waters and Eno – prominent supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which lobbies artists to sever ties with Israel in protest of its occupation of Palestine – have called on Cave to join the boycott.

“I read Nick Cave’s press conference statements with a mixture of sorrow, rage and disbelief,” Waters said, mocking Cave’s accusations of censorship.

“What if it was your demolished home? Your invaded country? Your villages razed to the ground to build stadiums for the invaders to promote pop concerts on?

Photo: Roger Waters (Wolter Peeters)

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