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Explained: How big an obstacle are Israeli settlements to peace? – Judy Maltz – Haaretz 13.02.17
Trump recently said that advancing settlement construction is unhelpful for peace, but which settlements exactly he was referring to is open for interpretation.

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State invokes controversial new law to defend illegal West Bank outpost – Stuart Winer – The Times of Israel 14.02.17
Adei Ad was was set up in 1998 as a wildcat outpost without official government approval, partially on land allegedly owned by residents of the Palestinian villages of Turmus Ayya, Al-Mughayyir, Qaryut, and Jalud. It is near Ramallah in the central West Bank.

Can you guess which Israeli party’s voters support settlements the most? – Judy Maltz – Haaretz 13.02.17
Among Israel’s plethora of right-wing parties, you may think those most vocal in favor of the settlements are their biggest supporters. You’d be wrong.

A deal with Trump re ‘settlement blocs’? November 19, 2016
In any future negotiation over settlements and territory, the hardest issue to resolve is not going to be the fate of small and isolated settlements but the fate of the ‘settlement blocs’, which and how much of them Israel will want to keep and how connection to Israel can be achieved without destroying contiguity and viability of a Palestinian state.

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