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Australians aren’t as Islamophobic as we’re led to believe – Riaz Hassan – The Conversation 27.02.17
Research in the US and Europe shows Islamophobia is a multi-dimensional, graded phenomenon, which is not captured in single-item surveys… Our findings show almost 70% of Australians appeared to have a very low level of Islamophobic attitudes.

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Why is Trump silent on Islamophobic attacks? – Peter Beinart – The Atlantic 27.02.17
The president has faced pressure to condemn antisemitism, but does not face the same demands to condemn anti-Muslim sentiment.

Islamophobia hurts Muslims as antisemitism does Jews February 22, 2017

Not in our name December 17, 2016
Melbourne’s Jewish community does not support One Nation.

What does Islamophobia feel like? October 18, 2016

Everything Trump – and his echoers – fail to understand about Islam June 21, 2016

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