French Jews spooked by Le Pen


Why Marine Le Pen wants to ban French Jews from wearing yarmulkes and having dual Israeli citizenship – Yair Rosenberg – Tablet Magazine 10.02.17
Latent antisemitism and a desire to marginalise Muslims are driving the far-right presidential candidate to ensnare Jews in her policies.

Israel or France? Dual citizens appalled after Le Pen says they will have to choose – Ariel David – Haaretz 10.02.17
The French far-right presidential candidate’s plan to ban dual citizenship could leave French-Israelis without the pension they depend on; some suggest that Le Pen hasn’t shed her father’s antisemitic views. ‘It’s pretty common today to hear Jewish people saying they would vote for her. Maybe this will discourage them.’

Jewish French lawmaker blasts Le Pen over suggested dual citizenship ban – Haaretz 12.02.17
Israel is ‘insurance for Jews worldwide,’ French-Jewish lawmaker says before ‘reminding’ far-right leader of her father’s praise for Gestapo.

And see: Jews, Muslims, feminists urge unity against Le Pen – The Local 08.12.15


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