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ISRAEL HAS AGREED to open graves believed to hold the remains of children who died shortly after the country’s founding, in the latest move in a long-running debate over whether the babies were stolen from their parents.

Families and activists believe that several thousand children, mostly from poor Yemeni Jewish communities, were systematically abducted by childless Jewish families of east European descent. Other Arab and Balkan Jews have also claimed infants were taken after they arrived in Israel.

It is alleged that the babies were stolen and given to Jewish families of western origin in Israel and even abroad, mainly those who could not have children themselves.

Three government investigations have found that most of the missing babies had died, pointing to poor conditions in reception camps. Yet families say that when they were told of their children’s deaths, doctors refused to hand over death certificates or even bodies. Some believe their children are still alive and suspect the graves to be empty.

The state prosecutor’s office has now agreed to a request from 17 families for the graves to be opened, allowing for DNA tests to be carried out.

FULL STORY Israel agrees to open graves in search for ‘stolen babies’ (Guardian)

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