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The op-ed that roused controversy appears not yet to have been translated into English. But articles following contain quotations from it.

Left-wing Israeli newspaper says religious Jews worse than terrorists – Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz – BreakingIsraelNews 13.04.16

Haaretz columnist stands by claim religious Zionists worse than Hezbollah – The Times of Israel 15.04.17
But Yossi Klein laments that ‘this op-ed presents me in a light that is not true. I see myself as patriotic’.

Rivlin slams Haaretz column for ‘defamation,’ ‘vast hatred’ – Alexander Fulbright – The Times of Israel 13.04.17
President joins denunciations of op-ed in left-wing daily which called religious right ‘more dangerous than Hezbollah’. Denunciations ‘Pavlovian’ says Haaretz publisher; opposition MKs point to failure to condemn likewise vilification of Arabs, union members, leftists.

And see:

Jerusalem Sephardi Chief Rabbi says Reform Jews ‘evil’, LGBT a ‘cult of abomination’ punishable by death

Orthodox schoolgirls bussed in to shout down women praying at Western Wall

New move to mitigate divisions in Israeli society

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