Hamas to accept state with pre-1967 borders – Abbas asks Trump for same


New Hamas Charter would name ‘occupiers,’ not ‘Jews,’ as the enemy – Ian Fisher & Majd Al Waheidi – The New York Times 09.03.17
New document would accept pre-1967 borders as basis for Palestinian state but wouldn’t recognise Israel or give up future territorial claims. To improve ties with Egypt, would declare Hamas not part of Muslim Brotherhood.

Trump-Abbas talk refutes Israeli claim it has no partner for peace, Palestinian officials say – Jack Khoury – Haaretz 11.03.17
The call, initiated by Trump, signalled the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the top of his agenda, Palestinian source says. Abbas is expected to meet with Trump’s diplomatic adviser Jason Greenblatt in Ramallah on Tuesday.

The Palestinian leadership’s wish for two states cannot be ignored – Haggai Mattar – +972 Magazine 10.03.17
With Hamas’ new charter about to confirm the organisation’s commitment to a two-state solution, the unified demand from the Palestinian leadership for a resolution to the conflict can no longer be disregarded.

And see: Hamas rewriting charter January 28, 2017


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