Hamas leader speculates on possible peace


Hamas leader speculates on possible peace, blames Israel – Elior Levy – Ynetnews 26.07.16
Khaled Mashal, speaking to Indian journalists in English, made moderate statements regarding a peace deal based on ’67 borders with Israel; ‘The problem is on the Israeli side.’
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Its pockets lined with Qatari-paid wages, Hamas is on the rise – Avi Issacharoff – The Times of Israel 31.07.16
As Israel eases the passage of long-awaited funds to Gaza, the prospect of war recedes… and the Islamist terror group gears up to overtake the PA in imminent local elections.

Leadership battle within Hamas
March 22, 2016
Qatar-based political smoothie Khaled Mashaal is gradually losing authority to ruthless ex-prisoner Yahya Sinwar, the people’s champion who is directing operations from Gaza.

Hamas debates recognising Israel
September 13, 2015
Some factions within Hamas’ political leadership think that recognising Israel might be the only way to relieve the situation of the Gaza Strip and ensure the survival of Hamas.

Inside Israel’s secret talks with Hamas
June 14, 2015


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