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The unbreakable relationship: Hamas and the humanitarian aid in Gaza – Abdalhadi Alijla – The Huffington Post 29.08.16
The director of Canada’s Institute for Middle East Studies draws attention to the history of close Islamist involvement in the provision of aid in Gaza. [Some minor grammatical imperfections, perhaps due to translation.]

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Charity group urges public trial as Gaza staffer set to face terror charges – The Times of Israel 30.08.16
World Vision says the allegations against Mohammed Halabi are so serious that it is hoping for an open trial to learn as many lessons as possible if they were proved correct. ‘As much as our donors want the truth to come out, we want the truth to come out. Our whole reputation is based on integrity.’

Imperfect vision in Gaza? August 14, 2016
The presentation of the charges against Halabi as though he is already guilty and by means of a massive media campaign in Israel, has raised suspicions, voiced by Australian UN official Robert Piper among others, that the goal is political: to weaken employees of all international relief organisations as voices critical of Israeli policies.

Gaza – two years ago and now
August 7, 2016

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