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Encountering peace: have I got news for you – Gershom Baskin – The Jerusalem Post 26.11.15
‘If this wasn’t so serious, I might even laugh at the total lack of understanding by Netanyahu of what this conflict is all about… Those who deny that there is an occupation are living in a world of fantasy. There is an occupation and it is a harsh occupation and no Palestinian will ever agree to live under these conditions. And I have news for the Israelis: no Israeli would ever agree to live under these kinds of conditions.’
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And see: The Right’s It’ll-be-fine’ mantra Is dooming Israel – Ari Shavit – Haaretz 25.11.16
In the current situation, the risk in preserving the status quo is far greater than the risk in trying to change it… No power on earth will let us control millions of Palestinians and remain a part of the free world.

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