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Help us be their voice – Voiceless campaign March 2017
There are approximately 11-12 million hens confined in battery cage systems across Australia, which is lagging far behind international standards on this issue. Voiceless, the animal protection institute founded by Brian and Ondine Sherman, seeks public support for an immediate end to the use of battery cages in Australia. Take a pledge to go cage-free or egg-free. Includes video [1:47].

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Pace Farm denies cruelty to chickens – Debra Killalea – 20.08.14
Footage given anonymously to Animals Australia shows hens surrounded by massive piles of faeces and trapped beneath rows of packed caged hens. Warning: includes shocking video [3:48] and photographs.

Animal cruelty and the market place April 26, 2016
A book review by Peter Singer. “Yuval Harari, the author of a brilliant history of our species, has described the treatment of animals in industrial farms as ‘perhaps the worst crime in history.’ ”

Australians, Israelis unite in campaign for victims of live export trade February 4, 2017

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