The Impossible Burger – meat’s vegan future?


One Impossible Burger before dinner: meat’s vegan future – Neta Alexander – Haaretz 22.09.16
Is the vegan patty created by a Silicon Valley startup and launched in New York the beginning of the end for beef?

And see:

‘I won’t eat animals,’ girl tells her mother – YouTube 01.09.16 [1:36]
Realising, to her horror, that meat is made from animals, five-year-old Zada tells her mother she won’t eat animals. And her mind is made up.

Eating meat but not animals?
July 16, 2016
An Israeli project to grow meat from cells has raised tough questions for Kashrut observers and vegans. But it has endorsements from Orthodox rabbis, vegans and animal activists.

Yes, Ve-gan!
October 10, 2016
Veganism on the rise in Israel


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