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Elevating Palestinians – James Zogby – Huffington Post 25.03.17
Americans [and many Australians] still do not know Palestinians as real people and, as a result, do not care about them.

And see:

The American Jewish cocoon – Peter Beinart – The New York Review of Books 26.09.13
Speak to American [or many Australian] Jews long enough about Israel and you begin to notice something. The conversation may begin with Israel, but it rarely ends there. It usually ends with ‘them’.

Israeli Police refuse to grant permit for annual Nakba march – Jack Khoury – Haaretz 23.03.17
For 18 years, the March of Return has taken place in parallel with Israel’s Independence Day celebrations, but this year police say they don’t have enough resources to secure the event.

What some Palestinians – and some Israelis – can’t say July 9, 2016

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