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A reported strike that hit a military facility sounds a clear warning to Iran, which wants a permanent presence in the fragile conflict zone

With reported airstrike, Israel puts Syria, and Iran, on notice (Times of Israel)
AVI ISSACHAROFF Foreign reports of strike on base near Damascus suggest Jerusalem prepared to act on its warnings against a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria

Alleged Israeli strike in Syria: Why Iran’s silence speaks volumes (Haaretz)
ZVI BA’REL Reported Israeli strike on a military site near Damascus puts Tehran to a test it doesn’t want

PMO issues video of Netanyahu warning to Iran (Times of Israel)
In clip recorded Thursday ahead of Saban Forum airing, premier says Israel will not allow Tehran to ‘entrench itself militarily in Syria’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in a video clip published Saturday night that Israel would not tolerate an Iranian military presence in Syria — hours after Arab media reports said Israel carried out strikes on an Iranian military facility near Damascus.

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani in Tehran, Iran last month (Sputnik/Reuters)

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