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While Iran celebrates propaganda victory of downed fighter jet, Tel Aviv’s powerful response to drone airspace violation sends ominous warning to all players

Israel believes round of hostilities with Iran and Syria is over but another is all but inevitable (Haaretz)
Based on statements by Iranian officials, Iran has achieved all it could in the current round and is now looking to deter Israel from striking Syria again

Israel has taken its biggest step into the Syrian war yet. What does that mean? (Washington Post)
An open conflict between Israel and Iranian-backed forces would add to the entanglements and chaos in Syria. It would also risk pulling neighbouring Lebanon or other Arab states into a new war, too

Riding high after IS defeat, Iranian axis tries its luck with Israel, US (Times of Israel)
AVI ISSACHAROFF While Tehran and its allies hail start of a ‘new era’ with the downing of Israeli jet, exacting a response may cause them to think twice the next time

Iranians pushing for a new northern status quo (Ynet)
Saturday’s escalation and provocation by Iran in Syria was meant to show the latter regional power was perfectly capable of filtrating Israel but Netanyahu also sent a message with its retaliation to Russia, the US, signalling the Iranian presence will not be tolerated

Photo: Israeli security forces examine the remains of an F-16 Israeli war plane near the village of Harduf, Israel on Saturday (Ronen Zvulun/Reuters)

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