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Is there really a crisis? Perhaps the connection is so tenuous that these relations need to be redefined

Diaspora leaders just don’t get secular Israelis (Times of Israel)
ZVIKA KLEIN Israeli research institutes and other Jewish bodies have recently been trying to find a magic solution to what is called the “crisis” between Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora

MKs, Diaspora leaders quarrel in Knesset meeting on Western Wall deal (Times of Israel)
Justifying objections to a pluralistic prayer space, Shas MK Malchieli says there are certain places that ‘you don’t enter with dogs’

Sharansky warns of new flare-up in Israel-Diaspora crisis (Times of Israel)
In the Knesset, Jewish Agency leader tells lawmakers that two months from now, ‘ceasefire’ will expire if the government fails to act

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