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Defence experts claim the government’s belligerent responses to provocation from Hezbollah are pushing the country in one grim direction

Israel-Hezbollah war is inevitable, say defence experts (Times of Israel)
International high-level military group paints grim picture of potential conflict between Jewish state, Iran-backed terror group, and what, if anything, can prevent it

Are Netanyahu, Liberman pushing Israel to war? (Al-Monitor)
Instead of the traditional discrete to retaliation to fire from the north, Netanyahu and Liberman are multiplying their provocative declarations

Netanyahu’s government is dragging us to war (Ynet)
The prime minister is giving in to the radicals in his government and focusing on public relations instead of statesmanship. Anywhere else, this could end peacefully, but in Israel it could result in an unnecessary war. The inexperience in matters of security, the lack of diplomatic discretion and the absence of a political balance, alongside arrogance and a disregard of our enemies, are a recipe for disaster.

Photo: Soldiers evacuate a wounded comrade during the Second Lebanon War, on July 24, 2006 (Haim Azoulay/ Flash 90/ File)

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