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The atmosphere created by the Trump administration against the nuclear deal is only adding fuel to the fire. If the diplomatic move fails, Israel is headed towards a conflict with Iran

If Iran refuses to take Israeli warnings about setting up bases in Syria, conflict looms (Ynet)
Iran is hectically pursuing its talks with the Syrian regime, as well as patrols in search of a military airport near Damascus which would serve as a base for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ combat squadrons. At the same time, the Iranians and the Syrians are making progress in the talks for an autonomic Iranian military pier in the Tartus port and the creation of an Iranian division on Syrian soil.


Trump’s Iran ploy could isolate Washington, implicate Netanyahu and divide US Jews (Haaretz)
CHEMI SHALEV If Trump plays Netanyahu’s game by decertifying the nuclear deal with no factual basis, he will cast Tehran as an innocent victim

Trump won’t move embassy to Jerusalem until peace plan ‘given a shot’ (Times of Israel)
US President says decision will be ‘in not too distant future,’ but says he wants to give proposal US is formulating a chance to work first

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