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Israel makes sense only from the perspective of Passover – Giles Fraser – The Guardian 07.04.17
The Hebrews invented freedom and were called to be its guardians for all humanity. It’s a powerful story but it remains work in progress.

Why are these seders different from all other seders? Because Jesus serves as paschal lamb – Rich Tenorio – The Times of Israel 07.04.17
Christians throughout the US are adopting the age-old Passover tradition, learning, sharing and coming closer to their Jewish neighbours.

This is what a Passover Seder at a mosque looks like – Debra Nussbaum Cohen – Haaretz 07.04.17
At a Manhattan celebration, rabbis and an imam welcome New York’s ‘beautiful, diverse society’

Jerusalem’s Old City braces for massive Easter crowds – Daoud Kuttab – Al-Monitor 06.04.17
The Old City of Jerusalem will be extremely crowded this year as Catholics, Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox agree to celebrate Easter on the same day and Passover visitors will add to the throngs.

Passover Seder conducted for African detainees in Negev detention centre – Jeremy Sharon ¬
The Jerusalem Post 06.04.17
‘As Jews, we can’t ignore what is happening here and celebrate our freedom at Passover when there are people who don’t have their own freedom in this country.’

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