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Israeli-Turkish accord: core of new lineup vs Iran – DEBKAfile 27.06.16
Resumed Jerusalem-Ankara ties interface with the emerging Sunni alliance that Riyadh, Cairo and Ankara are building against Iran. On the table too is Israeli-Turkish-Russian military and intelligence collaboration for securing the Israeli offshore gas in the Mediterranean – a prospect that brought the Turkish president finally to apologize for downing of a Russian Su-24M bomber over the Syrian-Turkish border in November 2015.
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Israel’s deal with Turkey could stave off next Gaza war – Amos Harel – Haaretz 27.06.16
Living conditions should improve in the Gaza Strip and Israel gains a new channel of mediation, even if there won’t be joint training of pilots or major new arms deals with Turkey like in the past.

Despite aid to Gaza, Israel-Turkey deal offers Palestinians little hope – Jack Khoury – Haaretz 28.06.16
Hamas won’t publicly criticize Erdogan, who failed to lift the Gaza blockade, as it can’t risk losing the only major ally it has left. Meanwhile, Abbas will have to get used to a stronger Hamas rule in the Strip. That will also indirectly help Israel, which wants to preserve the split between Hamas-run Gaza and the PA-controlled West Bank, since creation of a unified Palestinian government would advance the Palestinian cause in international forums. Israel also prefers Hamas rule to anarchy as long as it remains militarily deterred.

Ministers Bennett, Shaked to vote against Turkey reconciliation deal – Barak Ravid – Haaretz 28.06.16
Habayit Hayehudi ministers say they will oppose the pact for its failure to guarantee the return of two soldiers’ remains from Gaza and for compensation paid to families of Turkish citizens killed in the Mavi Marmara raid. Liberman may also oppose.

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