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The war for the Negev comes to Um al-Hiran – Elhanan Miller – Tablet Magazine 08.05.17
Where—and how—should the Bedouin live?

Fighting the ‘patriarchal deal’ between the State of Israel and the Bedouin – Elhanan Miller – Tablet Magazine 09.05.17
How one woman in the Negev stands up against polygamy, abuse, and ignorance.

Israel provides a third-world education for Bedouins – Elhanan Miller – Tablet Magazine 10.05.17
High dropout rates and low achievement leave many children at a dead end.

Will Israeli Bedouins choose the army over the Islamic Movement? – Elhanan Miller – Tablet Magazine 12.05.17
The tug of war between state-sponsored clerics and soft-spoken Islamists over the hearts and minds of the young now includes the IDF.


Tragedy continues for Israel’s Bedouin citizens

Bedouin women trapped by polygamy

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