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WHEN THE PALESTINIAN Authority “unilaterally” joined Interpol – that is, without the Israeli master’s consent – it was framed in Israel a “diplomatic defeat” on the right, and, shockingly, in the centre and the left as well. The minister for environmental protection, who is also minster of Jerusalem affairs, Zeev Elkin, said that “Israel cannot show restraint in the diplomatic war that the Palestinian Authority leadership is waging against us.”

Begging your pardon, Elkin, but what does “diplomatic war” mean? Diplomacy, after all, is the polar opposite of terror. Those who oppose violent struggle – that is, terror – champion diplomacy. But in Israel, that is also considered terror these days. So what do Israeli politicians consider legitimate struggle?
FULL STORY In Israeli government’s eyes, no Palestinian struggle is legitimate (Haaretz)

Report: Israel to approve almost 4,000 new West Bank homes (Times of Israel)
Construction said set to be green-lighted in Hebron, Beit El and many other settlements, but infrastructure, bypass roads and industrial areas not included

Photo: Hamas’s overall leader Ismail Haniya (right) shakes hands with Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah in Gaza City October 2 (AFP)

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